An Owner-Operator Enterprise


Ernst Huning

Principal Consultant & Owner-Operator

Ernst is a widely experienced Management Consultant, having worked extensively in Australia, Asia and the Pacific region, Africa and the USA as an executive-level ‘practitioner’ and adviser on most forms of corporate operations, general business management and governance, business planning and development, organizational and institutional development, public sector management reform, ‘public interest’ R&D challenges and research capacity building. In those contexts, he has also handled corporate and public communications and advocacy.

Based on his wide experience in the Australian Government, in international organizations and in advising Australian businesses, Ernst’s expertise covers strategic business analysis, planning and development; policy review and formulation; program / project design and implementation; and executive-level general management of HR, Finance, IT / Information Management and other ‘mainstream’ corporate functions.

For the last 12 years, alongside work for Australian clients in various fields, Ernst has been a high-level ‘on-call’ Consultant / Adviser to the World Bank Group in its South Asia Region operations. On the World Bank’s behalf, he has advised client governments, public sector organizations and sector industry bodies in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka on the planning and implementation aspects of public sector re-structuring and administrative, financing and Human Resources reforms, in parallel with their implementation of major IT / ICT investments and embrace of technical, process and managerial changes for enhanced business results and governance.  Consequently, Ernst also has valuable knowledge of the typical government and business frameworks and cultures in South Asia, available to support his clients in seeking to expand their business interests there.

He has been a member of the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) since 1984 and since 1990 has been an Associate Fellow of the AIM.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Administration & Sociology (with final-year High Distinction and Distinction results) from the University of Canberra, for which he was also awarded the AIM Final-Year Prize.

Selective Networking & Linkages to Address your Needs

In addressing a client’s problems and challenges, Ernst can (where mutually agreed as necessary) draw on a range of valuable contacts and associates in Australia and overseas with appropriate specialist skills and resources, thereby extending your access to quality professional knowledge and advice.  This can prove particularly effective in (e.g.):
  • Tackling issues needing specialist assistance, and/or more tailored support into an implementation phase
  • Developing and delivering customized or specialized training initiatives to resolve business challenges
  • Activating plans for a new business thrust into an international market and/or into international tendering.