An Owner-Operator Enterprise


Our Focus: to help Managers, Businesses, Organizations &/or Individuals with:

  • Strategic Positioning & Alliances (Local & International)
    • developing new business strategy beyond your current horizons and constraints 
    • determining and engaging new business targets and strategic partnerships / linkages
    • preparing for your business entry into new off-shore markets
  • Business Change & Structuring
    • aligning your business processes with evolving strategy and priorities
    • harmonizing the structuring of your business for better productivity and management
  • Capability & Resources
    • improving / extending your capabilities for ongoing and new priority needs
    • optimizing the balance of your ‘in-house’ vs. ‘out-sourced’ resourcing solutions
  • Human Resources Factors
    • getting and retaining the right people ‘mix’ for your business priorities and aims
    • managing your Human Resources as strategic ‘capital’
  • Systems & Technology Strategy
    • planning for IT – ICT – MIS resources and strategy to keep your business effective
  • Communications & Alliances
    • improving your business monitoring, reporting, compliance and information activities
  • Management Capacity & Leadership
    • strengthening the management roles and skills in your organization
    • enhancing the ‘Leadership’ factor in your business culture and performance
  • Personal Effectiveness &/or Career Development
    • enhancing individual work performance, career prospects and/or life skills with coaching
    Our Service Approach: providing Strategic Consulting & Advisory Services that are: 
    • Focussed: directly advising on your situation, your needs, your priorities and your options
    • Hands-On: personalized and close attention to any ongoing client, resulting in customized outputs and services, free of ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions and related templates/models/jargon
    • Independent: free of any links to other commercial interests, products or obligations
    • Value-For-Money: competitive fee scales, and billing only for services clearly performed
    • Confidential:  treating the client relationship and all information and insights relating to a client as private and confidential, not communicated elsewhere without express consent
    • Widely Experienced & Informed:  able to draw together and apply seasoned knowledge and skills from diverse business, government and community sectors in Australia and overseas:-
      • The Australian public sector and government
      • Australian business, academic, research & community entities
      • International project financing, procurement & management
      • International trade development processes
      • The World Bank Group and other UN agencies 
      • Commercial sectors and firms in the Asia and Pacific regions
    • Adaptable & Responsive: able to cover a wide spectrum of client needs, including diagnostics, advising, planning, representation / advocacy, facilitation of local and overseas ‘launch’ initiatives, drafting business communications and impact / results assessment